Jewelry Box

Jewelry Box

I stand staring at the jumble of bracelets, necklaces and earrings.
Knotted and twisted, tangles beyond distinction.
How did it come to this?
What confluence of disregard and carelessenss allowed this mess?


How like my life this appears.  Every piece someone I thought I needed, loved.
Some have been prone to tangle, drama from the start.
Wrapping themselves around everything, choking out their worth.  Paralyzing their beauty.
Better discarded than allowed to continue


Many were favorites once, comfortable and warm around my neck or arm or soul.
Buried in the jumble now.  Lost to disuse.
How could I have forgotten?  Can I begin to retrieve them?
Can I sort them out?


Several are essential still.  Not forgotten by any means.  Yearned for, grasped at.
Yet with every grasp they become more entangled.
They are the reason I survey this calamity, weigh my options, plan my strategy.
Painstakingly, achingly careful I try to puzzle them loose.
An art of gentle handling, teasing the knots apart, tracing back to the source of this bind.
Making amends, calming my spirit, holding on so loosely that they can slither back into their beauty and value.
Freed to adorn my life anew.



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