Return of the Prodigal Blogger

WOW!  What a long hiatus…It seemed that I lost my audience and interest for a time.  The winter was a pretty dark time for me this year.  Thankfully, around the first of the year I found an outlet for my passions and energies.  However, then I was too busy to get to this blog.  So now it is summer with some lazy, relaxed afternoons to reconnect with cyberspace.

What was your new found purpose in life, you ask.  Well I threw myself at the mercy of some of the local elementary schools as a volunteer.  I looked into acquiring my teaching certificate but quickly realized that the freedom of a volunteer was much more in tune with my spirit.  Both schools placed me with some amazing teachers who were thrilled to have a flexible helper for any project they could think up.  I helped struggling readers in 1st, 3rd & 4th grade, I directed a play, I helped with a science fair, read-aloud in several classrooms, facilitated a couple of lit circles and even mentored three fledgling novelists!!!!

I would like to extend my sincerest gratitude to the gifted teachers ( Mrs. Murphy, Mrs. Streibig, Mrs. Hoem, & Mr. Christianson) and the incredible kids that helped me regain my emotional/ spiritual balance and joy!!!!

So this summer, my second summer unemployed I am the happiest I have been in years.  I have exciting curriculum and integrated learning experiences bouncing around in my dreams.  I am focused on broadening my knowledge of Children’s/Young Adult Literature.  I even have made some “extra-curricular” friends.  I am helping with the local Bookmobile and plan to have a Booktalk at the local library a couple of times this summer.  I am relaxed and looking forward to fall.

Unfortunately, or maybe really Fortunately, the happier I am the less inclined I am to write poetry.  It seemed that my poetry was an outlet for my angst.  I have heard many writers say that so I won’t mourn the loss.  Not that there was any real talent displayed in those poems….Sooo I plan to use this blog to do some booktalks.  I have found some extraordinary book blogs out there and won’t begin to compete.  But I will gladly share those links and make my small contribution to the cyber bookworld.

Thanks for listening JF
Happily touching lives one great book and shared moment at a time!!!!


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