IN MEMORIAM
            Richard Wayne Wood
          May 16, 1935- July 8, 2010

Dad and I relax and enjoy the view at Villa Volpi

Again it has been an embarrassingly long time since my last blog.  As I look back I realize that my last entry was a few days before my father’s death.  I planned to create this entry to honor my dad months ago and seemed to balk away every time I started.  I suppose that is to be expected given the grieving process.  After 6 months, I think I am ready.  I have chosen this picture in memory of the love I had for my dad and a time when we were traveling and learning together.

The summer of 2005 Dad and I traveled in Italy for 3 weeks. 
We spent a week in Rome and  then 2 weeks in Tuscany on a cooking tour . 
I shared many passions with my father and this trip       
highlighted  them.  We traveled, experienced a new culture, met 
the real people of the region, experimented with their language,
and were immersed in their cooking culture.  All our fellow travelers loved my Dad.  He was a gracious, kind and vibrant man.  He was a life-long learner and loved to help others learn and discover their potentials.  Everytime I travel, pick up a book, teach a child a new concept or spend an afternoon cooking I will remember my father fondly!




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