The Year of Discovery: 2010

I love making New Year’s Resolutions!!  Call me overly attached to goal-setting if you like, you can even laugh at me in derision, like my family does every year.  I will not be dissuaded from this passion.  The joy I derive is two-fold.  The first  involves the exercise of reflecting on the year past and reviewing the goals achieved, the goals forgotten and the events unexpected.  The second source of joy is the planning for the next year.  The fresh shot of hope,  redemption and potential yet unknown.

So with that introduction I want to get ready to review 2010 and prepare for 2011.  I must admit that every year it takes me half of New Year’s Day to find my goals from last year.  That indicates how in tune I have been with those goals all year.  LOL  Regardless, it is quite entertaining to remember where you were a year ago and where you hoped to go this year.  Without taking the time to find that list I think I can remember being quite lost and purposeless last December.  I had been unemployed for 18 months and becoming paralysed in that condition.  My resolutions for 2010 were directing me towards a new career in teaching.  I did in fact take a class in the spring to prepare for my application into a teaching certificate program.  That class was so refreshing and motivating.  I was easily older by 30 years than all my fellow students and the teacher.  Surprisingly, this demographic that I thought would be intimidating, turned out to be flattering and enlightening!!  Soon I felt the courage to take on any challenge flowing through my veins.

At the same time I walked my little ol’ self into 2 different elementary schools and said…”Please use me!”   To my great surprise I found a home and a family and a new vocation.  Truth be told I never did go on to get my Master’s.  Now I doubt that I ever will.  I am supported by an amazing husband who loves to watch me shine.  But he is also very adept at keeping me realistic.  That is not always an easy task.  So with his financial backing I have continued to be unemployed in the financial sense but gainfully employed in the meaningful sense.  I now spend 3+ days a week volunterring in 4th grade at White Rock School in Waukesha Wisconsin.  I spend everyday doing what I absolutely LOVE.  I think you could call my title many things starting with volunteer and ending with head stapler.  But the role I am driven by is Reading Salesman of the Year!!!!   I have the unparalleled privilege to work with an incredibly gifted teacher and dedicated friend.  Together we can’t begin to act on all the brainstorms brewing in our heads, but we are certainly giving it the old college try.  We have a classroom of  engaged and motivated students who are enthralled with every idea we try.  As a volunteer I can choose my projects, push the envelope and find the time to create unusual experiences for our students.  Every thing else in 2010(and there were some amazing experiences this year) pales in comparison to the discovery of “Janet”.   I have found  a venue for my reading addiction, I have found a benefit to being 50 (experience, networks, knowledge base, and fearlessness), and I have found a hundred kids to shower with love and hope.

Goals for 2011????  Seriously, that will take a whole other post.  🙂


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