Weekly Reads

  These are the 2 books I finished the week of June 11-June 17.  These were interesting books to read back to back.  They both had a young boy working towards adulthood as the narrator.  In Any Small Goodness the young man has a gentle kind family trying to survive in the rough barrio of L.A.  It is a short and sweet story of the search for  people who make differences in their world and opportunities for all of us to return such kindnesses.

Okay for Now on the other hand had a young man struggling to survive a rough and abusive home.  It is set in the late 1960’s and deals with many of the issues faced by the returning Vietnam vets.  This young man learns to find and maintain his personal integrity with the assistance of many local adults  in his life.  He never expects to find these compassionate adults in his life in this small town upstate New York.

I loved this book and could rave forever about it.  One of my students, Esme read it this spring and couldn’t wait to report to me each morning how much she loved the book.  I hope she reads this and knows that I absolutely agree with her assessment!


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