Gifted Education

I just finished attending a 3 day conference, Challenging Advanced Learners.  Since I am devoted to this population but not a licensed teacher, my brain is pretty overwhelmed with Academia.  I think that after a good night’s rest and some time at the gym tomorrow, I will be able to process the kernels of wisdom I came away with.

I like to try and keep up with whatever the issues and newest best practices are within Gifted Education.  I am also always looking for chances to network with teachers, advocates and anyone that might be a resource for my students.  There were several nationally known presenters at this conference and many presenters and attendees from all over the state of Wisconsin. 

At the very least I know I have several new books and website suggestions to explore.  I definitely have a basic working knowledge of  several new acronyms from Education’s alphabet soup.  Don’t ever tell me that only us medical people have a lot of abbreviations.  RtI, CCSS, 21st Century Skills, NAEP, MAPS, WKCE, etc, etc.

My favorite presenters were: Jaime Castellano from Arizona, Marcia Gentry from Purdue University, Penny Britton Koloff from Illinois, and Jacke Drummer from Wisconsin.  Particularly, Penny whose presentations are like an hour at the library with a best friend, and Jackie who was a fount of knowledge and resources that she enthusiastically shared.





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