My Life as a Book Review

This quick book was to help me to meet the #bookaday challenge. I was also intrigued by the theme of reluctant readers. I of course have some “reluctant readers” on my list of young friends. So I wanted to see what this had to offer as a recommendation. This book was very similar to the Diary of a Wimpy Kid style. It has a little more to offer than the Wimpy Kid series. It isn’t classic literature but it does have some virtues. The protagonist is a reluctant reader and shares some of his reading strategies that seem to help him succeed with his summer reading list. There is a fairly simple mystery involved that broadens the story beyond the Wimpy Kid series. The illustrations of vocabulary are fun and a positive reading strategy. The thing I liked best from this little book was the “moral of the story” that the protaganist finds. He finds a sense of reward in his improvement by the end of the summer and a new sense of compassion and empathy with people in his life. I will recommend this to some of my reluctant readers!
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