Bigger Than a Bread Box Review

Bigger than a Bread BoxBigger than a Bread Box by Laurel Snyder
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Several book blogs I follow had recommended this book. I have to admit it seemed to have promise but had a bit of identity crisis in my mind. It is the story of a young girl whose parents are seperating. She is whisked away to another state by her Mom and struggles to find her place and peace with the situation. In her struggle she stumbles upon a magic bread box. The wishes granting box helps her find a way to cope with her topsy-turvy world. But of course magic always carries a price. Where the story lost me was its attempt to be a realistic fiction and a story of magic at the same time. Eventually, everything falls apart for her and she must clean up the mess magic makes. But I felt the author didn’t really wrap it up very neatly. I think the difficult concepts that this young character has to deal with would have been more valid without the actual magic. Because afterall, the magic can never really fix the big troubles in our lives.

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