Non-Fiction Monday

I must admit I have to force myself to read non-fiction sometimes. So I love the Non-Fiction Monday’s because they give me a push to pick these books up. I have had this on my shelf for a while. It was 5 informative chapters about Presidential assasinations. I did learn quite a few details I never knew before. It was also interesting to have a simple review of the political issues of the time period.
It was not the best non-fiction I have ever read but it was very readable for 4-5th graders. Students could certainly pull some good facts for a report. I suppose because of the time periods more photos were impossible. But maybe some more primary sources would have been enriching.
As a medical professional, I am always fascinated by how our knowledge of medical facts and thus treatments changes over time. Both Garfield and McKinley really shouldn’t have died from their wounds. Also, the process of protecting the President has evolved over the years. This book is worthy of having on your classroom shelves.

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